Time for What Matters

Let us begin today, the time to live our legacy is now. And it begins with making time for what matters.
— Cynthia V. Mitchell

How often have you thought of time as your enemy? How often have you felt the pressure of not enough as it relates to time, or money or love? What would you do differently if that seeming lack was replaced by an ease that comes from what the author calls living my legacy now ? Many people count on leaving a legacy, but few of us master the art of living our legacy every day.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, the author explores the development of a PROSPERITY code based upon optimizing Spritual Principles, Prevention of Disease, Environmental and Financial Wellbeing. Cynthia V. Mitchell, the author, has been recognized by national organizations such as NAFE, the National Association of Female Executives regionally by such agencies as the South Florida Small Business Development Center, and locally as two-term President of Women's Network of Collier County. The author's perspective is grounded in her experience as a therapist and spiritual guide. She draws from her experience, especially from her interfacing with women who were diagnosed with cancer, and from her own personal walk as caregiver for her parents, especially her dad and his challenges with Alzheimer's dementia. Known as the Time Gifter, Cynthia is passionate about helping people create Time for What Matters. She adheres to the belief from the Beatles’song that we only take the love we make, and provides insights and solutions to help others do just that. Cynthia lives in Naples, Florida with her beloved husband her lifelong soul sister and her alpha dog.