The Time Gifter’s Journal


For anyone who has often wondered, “Is this all there is?” or, “How did I get here?”, The Time Gifter’s Journal will put you on a path to illumination so that you start taking the " time for what really matters™.

In a world that continues to demand for more, better, faster and the social media landscape changes that command our never ending attention, how do you know that the life you are living is one that you cherish and are creating with intention?

The Time Gifter's Journal can help you create a legacy that speaks to living your life more fully now.

Simplistic in delivery, yet rich with thought provoking questions, The Time Gifter’s journal is a must for you if you yearn to infuse more meaning into your life and have a greater influence on the lives of those you love. 

"We only take the love we make" ...let the Time Gifter's Journal show you how.