Developing Passive Income Streams From Home

If home is where the heart is, then why not create a stream of income that will provide you with more time and money to create a life you love living there?


If the idea that “health plus wealth equals choices” resonates with you, you will want to SIGN UP, BELOW to arrange a 30 minute presentation which will open the door to help you and those you love prosper, today.

Time for What Matters

Our second publication, which is a sequel to our book, Time for What Matters, is a journal designed for those of you who seek to express and receive more love, by making time for what matters a reality in their lives. The webinars begin to identify challenges you have with:
  • your relationship to time
  • living life free from the traps of the likes of “staying too busy”
  • overidentifying with your accomplishments
  • experiencing an ongoing longing to receive more love
Our Time for What Matters Journal Webinars include education, inspiration, and contemplative reflection for the inward journey to the freedom to live life to love and be-loved every day.


Time for What Matters

Our Time for What Matters Journal Retreats are for the person who longs to take our webinar process to a heightened level of consciousness. If you desire a transformation in the way you relate to time, money and love in your life, this retreat is for you. The intention of the retreats is to have each person face themself through a process that balances their inward journey with our outer direction. The more you immerse yourself in the process, the more breakthroughs you will experience on more levels.


Investing in a vision bigger than ourselves means that we look for ways that are in keeping with our values. We created this not-for-profit portion of our business, Lamplighter Legacy Fund, which uses 90% of its funds to help caregiver children of parents who suffer from Alzheimer's disease or cancer.

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Living a Legacy is different from Leaving a Legacy. When you live your legacy you consciously make time for what matters everyday. If you desire to live your legacy and make time for what matters in your life, we have designed a pledge for you to take and post where you and those you love can see it.

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