Making Time for What Matters

Ah, summer.

It’s a time for entering into a slower pace, to kick back with a cold glass of lemonade, to sit for just a moment longer in the warmth of the sun or dip your toes into the water and splash.

Summer is a time that is particularly fanciful and fulfilling. Lawn faeries and fireflies beckon to you to come and enjoy, to play, to dream.

Summer is the ultimate season for making Time For What Matters.

That’s why we’re going on a summer break but before we do, we want to invite YOU to join our community of people who are passionate about not just making a living but making a life.

We’ll be discussing, teaching and sharing on:

  • How to create and enjoy more free time by understanding the intersection of money and meaning.

  • How to put the F-U-N in the fundamentals of what’s important to you in life so you experience joy every day.

  • Why fantasy and fulfillment are not mutually exclusive and how to experience that magical combination when it comes to achieving your dreams, rather than frustration.

We believe that life is best and most glorious when you have a deep understanding of what you value most and then consciously create the space in your life to Take Time For What Matters.

If that resonates with you, simply enter your email, and we’ll keep you up to date on the amazing things we will be debuting in the fall, how to be eligible for special offers and what you need to know to create a beautiful life that is YOUR best life, by making Time For What Matters.