Time Freedom, a birthright we can recover

It's the week between Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's Day. I am January born so beginning a new  year has extra special meaning for me.This week offers so many work from home professionals  like myself  a time to reevaluate how we have been living , especially as we relate to time and our value for time freedom.Let's define time freedom as the ability to use our time wisely as we prioritize our values and live accordingly. As an example, this week, while working at my desk with my wellness and wedding companies I felt this nose nudge my knee,as a sign of   my dog's insistance that I make more time to play with her, I stopped,and did just that. In fact, I liked taking time out to play with her so much that I did it again that afternoon.

Today, I made time to return some gifts to retail stores in the area.Instead of waiting until the weekend or "after work", I did that in the afternoon.I did not feel guilty, in fact, I liked that as well.I noticed how the slower pace agreed with me.Making time for what matters blessed me and those around me.

I began at one point to hear the voice of the "boss" inside my head" saying:"how will you accomplish all you need to DO ?" I simply observed that thought , took a deep breath and remembered my morning affirmation:"abundance is all around me and just as the air I breath is in endless supply so is time. I have more than enough time to DO and BE".

Have you noticed how those experts around us are encouraging us more and more  to search within for answers to the questions of our lives?(Rilke) In order to live those answers we must make time freedom a practice. Are you considering HOW you will do that in 2012?