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How We Leave Not What We Leave Matters

It's official. Our home has  been sold, and that sign we have envisioned with letters S-O-L-D out in front  is about to reflect those very letters. This was our dream home.We built it more than eight  years ago, after leaving a smaller initial home  that we built 13 years ago.

That first home was the home of our new marriage. My soul sister and I blended our lives  with my husband as a new "trio". Then we welcomed my parents to live full time with us. It was also the place we said goodbye to my lahsa-poo of 14 years, Hector Flynn (Hecky) and both of my husband's dogs, Dodger and Jiggles. It was a wonderful space that provided a new home for us in a new state.

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Today I Should be Happy

This is a time for living each day to the fullest.I am aware of that and yet , in years gone by, a time for closing a home , "should" be a happy one. At least in the past, that was my experience. Of course I do not believe in using the word "should" so even as I write these thoughts, I want to change them.Nonetheless, "closings" were always filled with a sense of starting again, and for this baby boomer, that hope carried me forward. But today was different. I sold a home without fanfare.This sale challenged  the wind in my sails  as I came to realize that for the first time in my life, my investment in real estate was not the investment I had hoped for.

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