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Today I Should be Happy

This is a time for living each day to the fullest.I am aware of that and yet , in years gone by, a time for closing a home , "should" be a happy one. At least in the past, that was my experience. Of course I do not believe in using the word "should" so even as I write these thoughts, I want to change them.Nonetheless, "closings" were always filled with a sense of starting again, and for this baby boomer, that hope carried me forward. But today was different. I sold a home without fanfare.This sale challenged  the wind in my sails  as I came to realize that for the first time in my life, my investment in real estate was not the investment I had hoped for.

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Were Not Our Hearts Burning:Living Our Legacy

We are  coming to the last month of staying in this home. After 8 years of being here in the "dream home" we built,we feel the attachment to this place quite keenly. Many memories were created here and this was the last home where my dad lived before making his transition. So for me moving on from here  is  especially poignant .

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