Opening to Divine Favor

I've been traveling this summer  making time for what matters, visiting family and friends.What follows is an experience that led me to acknowledge Divine Favor .May it inspire you to do the same. Recently, in  preparation for the next chapters of our lives, my family and I had put our home on the market . Our realtor created a lovely portfolio showcasing our home.I brought that portfolio with me and shared it with those who wanted to see it.Our home shows like a palace,complete with  our salt water pool and  backyard lakes and veranda views.

I've been watching my response as people 'ooo and aah" at what we call home,for while compared to some of their homes it is modest, to most it is extraordinary.I continually find myself saying "I've been Blessed".I never want to take my good fortune for granted.

I always want to thank God for what is in my life, and recognize the power of Divine Favor.

Life has had its challenges, and those challenges have been my guide.. But lately, with discipline and practice I find myself affirming Divine Favor more than ever before.

I once remember  reading about "setpoints".Setpoints are those  "bars" that we set for ourselves as perceived  possible "limits".  I think of  how I have had to counter the setpoints regarding wealth, especially after having been raised in a church which likened money to "the root of all evil".

Today I am blessed to respond more to affirmative action and positive thinking, and I am careful to eliminate negative thoughts and fill that seeming void with "being still and knowing Divine Favor".

This morning I read Joel Osteen's blog about Divine Favor,it spoke of judgements others may have towards those who demonstrate financial success.I find my greatest work is in meeting and eliminating the  judgements I may still have towards myself.

My hope is that I will continue to influence lives with this knowing, as they in turn influence mine,And that we continue to influence others to experience the same.

I include a blessing video of  a great preacher, Joel Osteen. May you live in the conscious presence of Divine Favor daily!Receive a Blessing of Divine Favor by Joel Osteen