New Year's Resolutions: It's that TIME again

  With the holidays fast approaching, I think of  so many people who like me aren't "buying into" the hooplah of  buying because"more is better".It's not that I plan to boycott Macy's, and Dillard's and the like, quite the contrary.I also love shopping online and go first to my favorite online  wellness store for all my candle gifts.

I'm not a bah humbug person by any means, in fact, quite the opposite. I am resolved  however much like the words in Grinch mas by Dr Seuss which I recently saw at Universal, in Orlando, Florida  to remember FIRST that"Christmas is always there in your heart".

I am observing others when I ask about "the holidays" and notice, that many boomers like me are also resolved to enjoy it quietly.

It's as if the allure of commercialism has lost its lustre, compared to the brilliance of the Light coming from within.

My husband suggested that we see Christmas as the birth of Higher Consciousness with us.I liked that, although many who believe the nativity story is exactly as it is , nothing symbolic, would be challenged by that suggestion I am sure.

So this year, I set out my manger early , I will only decorate a real tree outside my home , and I still have not bought any gifts for my family,but the manger is calling me to nuture the Spirit of Christmas alive within me, and that begins with being mindful of my energy, and caring for myself as well as others.

And next week, I have put  aside time for one afternoon of  "shopping", and  that evening I'll go to a Unity candle service  to bring even more meaning to that activity and make time for what also matters.

My resolutions begin there what about yours?...May your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa bless you and yours.