It was the best of mothers' days

It was a day filled with bittersweet moments.Both joy and sorrow- for those who were here and those now no longer physically with us. There were 13 of us, from ages 1 year old to 88 years young, the matriach, my mom, for whom we all gathered at my home.

I had prepared a small gift for all the moms, even those who may not have their own children, but have "fur" babies, and/or nurture others seemingly so easily.

My dad would have been very happy to see his all of us his children honoring my mom. It is his legacy.Ever notice how some days seem to bring to heart those poignant memories of loved ones who have made their transition?

And as for my mom, 88, she remembered how her mom loved family gatherings and how all our cooking and preparations were memories she held so fondly of her childhood.

My sister remembered he mom quietly,remembering how she was always raring to go.She misses her mom dearly.

Yesterday I was out buying a last minute gift for our 5 year old and 7 year old guests.I observed a woman holding her mom's hand as I so often do when my mom and I go out together.Her mom held out a card to the cashier:"Know how hold I am?", she queeried".How old?" said everyone in line."I am 100 years old!" We all looked at the daughter in disbelief."It's true she said with a smile."It's true." said her mom with a grin!

"You're blessed to still have her", I which the daughter said, "I know!"

And that is all that matters isn't it.The "knowing" what we know.And in that "knowing" we find consolation,no matter what  was our experience of mothering .