How We Leave Not What We Leave Matters

Thriving in the Flow of Life
Thriving in the Flow of Life

It's official. Our home has  been sold, and that sign we have envisioned with letters S-O-L-D out in front  is about to reflect those very letters. This was our dream home.We built it more than eight  years ago, after leaving a smaller initial home  that we built 13 years ago.

That first home was the home of our new marriage.   My soul sister and I blended our lives  with my husband as a new "trio". Then we welcomed my parents to live full time with us. It was also the place we said goodbye to my lahsa-poo of 14 years, Hector Flynn (Hecky) and both of my husband's dogs, Dodger and Jiggles. It was a wonderful space that provided a new home for us in a new state.

When we left that home, we had this one to come to.This home was much larger, two floors, plenty of privacy,and a place where we chose to live life to the fullest.

Leaving any place has never been easy for me.I attach easily to all beings.I learned so much here in this home.Too much to put into a simple blog, but suffice it to say, I gained more insight about myself  than in 30 years of practicing therapy .

As I have been sorting what I packed away in my closets, I discovered the picture of this house, the day we received the CO, certificate of occupancy.We all were wearing those yellow "hard hats".The house had no plantings in front of it yet.We all looked so excited at the prospect of our future here in this palace.

Now we complete this chapter, and we are conscious of our thoughts and feelings of letting go.Fifty percent of what we held onto will be sold or given away.We are downsizing and that requires of us to embrace  the "less is always better" philosophy,when it comes to possessions.We will move to a lovely new location in town.What I know is something I learned from  my dad's parting 3 years ago, and the parting of my soul sister's parents,  three months later;it's not "what" we leave but "how " we leave that matters.We leave celebrating the blessing of these times and looking forward to making time for what matters.

Here's to the young couple, the new owners, whose dreams will unfurl here .May the love we shared bless all who enter.