Enhancing the Lives of Others Requires Diligence

I have been blessed in business all of my adult life. Since the day I" survived" my first day as a student teacher many decades ago, I  learned quickly that we need to draw from our inner resources  to get through life's challenges.I worked for the school system in two roles for 15 years and am thankful for so many lessons learned throughout those years.I credit the  great leaders and mentors I have had over my lifetime for contributing to the success I have enjoyed both as an employee  and as an entrepreneur for the past 30 years. Being an entrepreneur came easy for me with a model of a father who was the consummate small business man.

I remember creating my first business at the age of 13.Now,looking back, I see how each business prepared me  for the next.

I have been blessed with being a mentor for many people starting their own businesses as well and have found that immensely gratifying.

What I realized recently however, is that when we choose to work closely with people,our internal reserves matter.


Ten days ago,while taking some time  away, and  expecting a call from one of my business partners,I received a text saying he had fallen off his bike while he was training for an upcoming hike with his son in Yellowstone Park.My first response was one of alarm, hoping he was alright and wondering how serious the injuries were.He is a boomer athlete ,yet  falls even  at our age  are  not to be taken lightly.

I held in mind gratitude for his safety and sent him and his family healing light .

I invest in people who are put on my path for a reason not just a season and he is one of those.So I went through my day but felt my energy going out to him .Not being able to communicate with him for days,I noticed my need to do something.

Whether or not he could read my texts, I sent them, prayers, I sent them , as did my family.

I remembered that when people agree to mentor one another or partner in business , they make  a commitment that requires not only a commitment of action, but a promise of mindfulness and care that is so much larger than what appears on the surface.

I know this is why I love my business.I get to invest in people's lives on many levels, and receive from them in many ways as well.

I waited 10 days until he could receive a call.And while we did not address "business", we connected by phone and I felt myself breathing easier.I  congratulate myself that I did not allow thoughts of fear and doubt to dominate these days.I am so grateful that he will totally recuperate and become even stronger from this incident.

Enhancing people's lives by being "present" requires diligence of mind, body and spirit . I wouldn't want it any other way, would you?