Dads their legacy, their children

If I could dance with my father again(music to read this blog  by) This has been a tender week what with me remembering my dad on the 3rd anniversary of his transition.

I was blessed  to have a bond with my dad that was strong and a faith that allows that bond to continue in its new form.

However, the human being I am recognizes that  especially on these "anniversaries" , I reflect upon all the blessings of that bond and continues to search for ways to express the legacy of hope my dad lived on this planet.

About 2 weeks ago, I was sitting for coffee with two business colleagues and one was preparing for his daughter's wedding which is today.Both the men have 29year young daughters and when asked "what was the most important contribution they made in their lifetime", they both agreed it was their daughters.One said;" I would do anything for her".The other "knew" what that meant.They were passing on their legacy as did my dad to me.

For a minute I was stepping back in time and remembering the day my dad brought a yellow cadillac convertible to my college so I could ride in the Miss URI parade.I knew my dad always carried a picture of me in his wallet and he would often share that picture and  say"see my daughter".In his eyes, I could see my hope for success.As an entrepreneur I miss that energy he mirrored for me, as a daughter, I know how blessed I am to have had  that level of devotion on this planet.

Last night we received news that the owner of a  billion dollar wellness company for which I market lost his middle son.

The loss was sudden and tragic.I thought how incredibly hard this would be for him.He was also leaving his legacy to his son, and now that dream is one that won't be fulfilled.I have been grateful for the gift of faith as I know that will lift our company's CEO into the Light of Divine Consolation.

Not everyone has a positive experience of fathering or or being fathered.But for those of us who have, recognizing the legacy our fathers lived is gift, and deciding to do this or something better is  what really matters.