A Father and Son Reunion

I feel privileged to witness so many life events that would otherwise have passed me by in former years, years when i was all caught up in being "busy".It was as if being busy was the thing to do.I have learned better now.As Eric Butterworth says"being where I Am" is key.So I find myself practicing the art of "being where I am", rather than in the future or the past.I find this practice has heightened my life experience. Last week our stepson visited us and we were aware, before his visit, that we wanted this time to be time for what really matters.

My husband and I made time on the days prior to Mark's visit to set an intention for this week.We really wanted Mark to have a wonderful time and Bob really wanted to make time for he and his son to be alone together and simply catch up.Once a year is far too seldom to be with those you love, but the physical distance  and lifestyles have been a factor and so it is.Texting and phone calls and emails do not replace or compare to the personal touch.

While this visit was fun yet not eventful, it was special;there was a sense of opening for father and son, and I was blessed to observe  some of that.At the end of our visit I wrote a letter expressing my gratitude to Mark for demonstrating such care towards us. His dad inscribed  one of his treasures, a book he wrote that he would like to pass along to his son.

At the end of the visit, I overheard them say" wish we lived closer", my husband came back inside our home, tears in his eyes. I held my heart as my tears welled up inside.

These are the days and moments that create a legacy for living.What a priviledge to be a  living witness to them.